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This is the landing page for RISC-V Lab @ ISCAS.

First time hearing about RISC-V Lab? Checkout the official page from RISC-V International!

The Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS) is a research base that focuses on the research and development on theories of computer science and leading edge technologies of software. ISCAS was founded on March 1st, 1985. It is situated at No.4, Zhongguancun South 4th Street, Haidian District, in Beijing.

PLCT Lab is an engineering team affiliated with ISCAS, focusing on compilers, runtimes and simulators for RISC-V ecosystem.

PLCT Lab and RVI provide free access to RISC-V devices to open source communities and developers around the world. You only need to initiate a PR to PLCT Lab’s RVLab access management repository, including your GitHub Username and a simple description of the expected goal. Within a week, you will obtain ssh access to unmatched or other development boards, with Ubuntu, openEuler, openKylin, Fedora, Debian and other operating systems available. You can get the resources information from the resources list.

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