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RISC-V Lab Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1. RISC-V Lab users

RISC-V Lab users refer to any user individual who satisfies the following conditions:

  1. A user who has an github account, and ssh public key has been configured in the github account.
  2. RISC-V Lab user can be organizations or individuals.

RISC-V Lab always privileges the RISC-V Lab user community where possible in terms of its use of resources.

The following privileges are available to RISC-V Lab users free of charge:

  1. Each RISC-V Lab user can apply for one or more RISC-V devices.
  2. Each RISC-V Lab user can request which OS he/she needs.
  3. Each RISC-V Lab user can request the control right for the RISC-V device.
  4. Based on whether or not the desired requirements of RISC-V Lab user are available, RISC-V Lab team provides them with one or more devices that they think is suitable for them.
  5. All RISC-V Lab users can get the necessary support from RISC-V Lab team to use the devices; which includes free one-time setup support while onboarding them, and solving problems native to the environment in which they work.

2. RISC-V Lab Service

2.1 SSH Access Service

RISC-V Lab user can login the devices of RISC-V Lab on the computer which has configured SSH key matched up with the github account.

2.2 User Support Service

  1. All users can get the necessary support from RISC-V Lab team to use the devices.
  2. If the devices cannot be logged in due to some reason such as OS upgrade, power cut and so on, RISC-V Lab team will notify the users in advance.

3. While interacting with RISC-V Lab

3.1. Apply for Account

You only need to initiate a PR to RISC-V Lab’s RVLab access management repository, including your GitHub Username and a simple description of the expected goal. Within a week, you will obtain ssh access to unmatched or other development boards, with Ubuntu, openEuler, openKylin, Fedora, Debian and other operating systems available.

3.2. Report Issues

If you have any problems and need our supports while using RISC-V Lab, you can submit the issues to the repository.

4. Modifications to Terms

RISC-V Lab reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. Changes will become effective upon posting. Continued use of RISC-V Lab after changes to the Terms indicates acceptance of the modified Terms.

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